Welcome, welcome, and welcome one more time. If you are reading this, you are likely a player in my more-than-a-year long D&D fourth edition campaign, Shadow Of Dunnharrow (Title is open to alternate suggestions). In it, the titulare Empire of Dunnharrow has been working for the past 200 years to claw the world out of its thousand year Dark Age, started by the fall of the fabled Furon people in the roiling chaos of the Mage Wars. year by year, the roads and townships have become gradually safer as the influence of the Dunnharrow seat of Power grows, and at the point of the campaign’s beginning, the empire rules it’s continent, the comparitively small nation of Sturn notwithstanding, has control in all but name over it’s neigbor, Southron, and is looking to expand to the northern continent of Kraga.

However, even in this dawn of a new golden age, Danger and mystery lurk in the shadows of Civilization, and the Party would do well to remember that civilization doesn’t mean perfection.

The Campaign Proper